When to Upgrade Your Switchboard

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When to Upgrade Your Switchboard In Sydney

Your electrical switchboard is the core of your electrical system. An electrical switchboard transports electricity to every part of your home. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to turn on your TV or your night light. You definitely wouldn’t be able to power all of your electrical appliances. 

Just like wires or fuse boxes, your electrical switchboard can also become outdated by the technological advances of devices, lights, and electricity itself. If you feel like your switchboard is lately giving you too much trouble, you should contact Electrician Now.

Here at Electrician Now, we have licensed electricians that can offer you a switchboard upgrade in Sydney. Give us a free call to schedule an electrical switchboard upgrade, and keep reading to learn the signs that indicate when you need a switchboard upgrade.


Is Your House Old?

If the answer is yes, then chances are your switchboard is not up to the task of carrying the energy from your modern appliances. Back then, a single 60-amp electrical switchboard would be more than enough. Now, homes need at least a single 80-amp or three-phase 80-amp. 

Appliances Don’t Work As They Should

When your appliances are not working to their full potential, it could only mean two things. Either your appliances are ruined, or your electrical switchboard is. 

Your switchboard might not be able to power some modern appliances. You can quickly identify this issue if your devices keep turning on and off, continually tripping breakers, or provoke light flickering. 

Breakers Constantly Flickering

Your breakers are made to flicker any time they detect an irregular flow of energy in electricity. Flickering protects the system from power overflowing, which can lead to overheating and starting a fire. 

If you begin to notice your breakers are frequently malfunctioning, then this might be a sign that you need a switchboard upgrade. 

Upgrade Your Switchboard Now

Stop preventing your house from operating at its full potential because of an outdated electrical switchboard. At Electrician Now, we can provide you with the best switchboard upgrade in Sydney. We can ensure your electrical system runs smoothly and safe with our services. Call us now to schedule your inspection. 


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