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What We Do

Professional and reliable residential electrical services in Sydney that you can trust!

The team at Electrician Now are dedicated to providing the highest quality, friendly and skilled service in Sydney for all your residential electrical needs.

Electrician Now are experienced local electricians who take pride in helping you look after one of your biggest life purchases, your home. Our team are all licensed electricians, so you know that your home is in safe hands. All our services are competitively priced whilst maintaining the highest quality.

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Here are some of the residential services we offer:

We exceed all expectations

The team at Electrician Now pride themselves on providing the highest quality service and customer care. We work hard to ensure you have the best experience, and all your electrical needs are taken care of.

We are not simply there to fix, upgrade or provide new electrical systems. Electrician Now wants to add value to your home, improve your environment and lifestyle and ensure your safety.

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Electrical Surges
Frequent electrical surges can damage the wiring in your home. These electrical surges can be caused by any number of things, from damaged power lines to faulty appliances or wiring. The surges significantly decrease the life expectancy of the wiring and electrical appliances in your home.

An electrician from the Electrician Now team can assess what is causing the electrical surges and work with you to come up with a solution.

Light switches not working properly
Dimmer switches or light switches that are not working properly are often the result of dodgy wiring or workmanship. Electrician Now electricians will be able to identify what is causing your light switches and dimmers to be faulty and fix the problem for you.

Circuit breaker tripping
Circuit breakers are designed to protect your home. When a circuit breaker senses that the electrical systems are overwhelmed it will “trip”, or switch the power off. This protects the circuits from overheating and causing even more issues.

Outdated circuit boards, overuse of high wattage appliances, and questionable wiring jobs are usually the cause of a frequently tripping circuit breaker.

The best solution is to upgrade your circuit breaker, or add in an additional circuit to manage the load.

Flickering or dimming light
Continuous flickering or dimming of lights can be a sign of bad connections or breaks in the circuits, or questionable wiring. If this is happening in your home you should have a qualified electrician assess the situation as soon as possible. It can be a dangerous situation which can lead to overheating and fires.

Light bulbs burn out frequently
If you find you are burning through light bulbs frequently it could be a sign of significant underlying issues, such as loose wiring, connections or dodgy sockets.

If this is the case it is time to call in one of the team from Electricians Now to assess the situation and fix the problem.

Dead outlets
Dead outlets often result from a tripped breaker or a poor connection. This creates overheating and can cause the wires or outlet to melt. Why not call in a qualified electrician from Electrician Now to have a look at your dead outlets and rectify the problem before it turns into something worse.

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