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Industrial and Commercial Locations

You don’t want just anyone fiddling around with your businesses electrical wiring. You want a professional. Someone who knows what they are doing and does it well! Enter the fully qualified and licensed team at Electrician Now.

Our team at Electrician Now will go above and beyond to ensure your commercial property meets Australian Standards and all your electrical needs are fulfilled. We endeavour to respond to any commercial emergency as quickly as possible to limit the impact it has on the productivity and efficiency of your business.

When we arrive to your commercial or industrial location you know that you will be in the best hands possible.

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We provide honest, reliable and affordable commercial services.

Just one of the many priorities when managing a commercial business, is the upkeep of the electrical wires and switchboards of your property. We take the stress out of this with our team of qualified, efficient and high quality electricians ready to work with you. They will help maintain the electrical needs of your business or with the installation and upgrades you need to improve your commercial property.

No matter how big or small the job may be, our team of highly qualified, well-equipped and licensed electricians are ready to help.


Burnt out light bulbs
All electrical devices need repair or replacing, and your light bulbs are no different. Commercial spaces need to have fully functioning light bulbs at all times. Our electricians at Electrician Now will not only replace your burnt out light bulbs but they can check for faulty wiring or loose circuits.

Flickering or dim lights
If replacing a light bulb doesn’t stop your lights from flickering or throwing out only dim light, there may be a more serious underlying cause. This could be anything from poor connections in the circuit to dodgy wiring. Contact Electrician Now to find out why your lights are dim or flickering and what we can do to fix it for you.

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Dead Outlets
Dead outlets are often another sign of old wiring, circuit breakers not up to the job or poor circuit connections. Don’t let a dead outlet impact your business productivity. Contact Electrician Now to organise an assessment of your outlets and wiring.

Old wiring
Sydney is home to some beautiful old properties. But they also have the potential to have old wiring that is no longer up to the job of keeping your business up and running. Older wiring has a higher risk of sustaining damage from overloaded circuits and electrical surges. If you suspect that your wiring needs updating, give the team a call at Electrician Now.

Tripping circuit breakers
A tripping circuit breaker is frustrating and can impact the productivity and efficiency of your business. It may be time to upgrade your circuit breaker or add additional circuits. Ask Electrician Now to assess your commercial property for the best solution to a tripping circuit breaker.

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Faulty Installation
Not all electricians are as skilled as our team at Electrician Now. Or perhaps the old wiring was installed by an amateur. Either way, if you suspect that something has been improperly installed you need to have it seen to asap. Faulty or incorrect installation of equipment can lead to fire hazards, short circuiting and worse!

Not enough outlets
A common issue businesses face is there are not enough outlets to support the size of their business in their commercial property. Before you go out and buy more power boards and extension cords, contact us for a fast and simple outlet installation.