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Maintaining your house is a never-ending job; the painting, clogged sinks, roof, etc. When it comes to electricity, we know how daunting it can be to identify and solve even the most straightforward domestic electrical challenges. As much as you may wish to tackle it on your own, electricity is a delicate matter, and you could put both your family and yourself at risk.

Don’t run the risk of making an electrical problem even worse when you can call local residential electricians to take care of it. At Electrician Now, electrician Sydney, we go out of our way to offer you solutions for every residential electrical need you may have. We provide the information and resources you need to help you decide on the best solution for you.


Commercial and Residential Services

At Electrician Now, we offer both commercial and residential services. We are a one-stop-shop for all of your electrical needs in Sydney. We are used to working on jobs of all sizes. It doesn’t have to be a vast, complete electrical rewiring job to warrant using the services of a professional. For Electrician Now, there is no job too big or too small. Here are some of the services we offer:

Residential Services

You’ve got to trust who you let into your home. Not only because of the money you’re spending but also because an electrical job done by someone inexperienced could put your family at risk. 

Our local residential electricians are not merely there to fix, upgrade or provide new electrical values. Still, we want to add value to your home, improve your environment and lifestyle, and overall, ensure you and your family are safe. 

  • Electrical Surges: There are many causes of electrical surges; damaged power lines, faulty appliances or wiring, etc. If these electrical surges happen frequently, they can end up damaging the wiring in your home. 

  • Faulty Light Switches: Usually, when light switches aren’t working correctly, it’s the result of dodgy wiring.

  • Dead Outlets: When there is a tripped breaker o a poor connection, your wires can overheat, causing the outlet or the cables themselves to melt.

Commercial Services

An electrical problem in your business can significantly impact productivity and efficiency; that’s why you want to hire immediate, professional assistance. We will go above and beyond to ensure that your commercial property meets Australian Standards. When you call Electrician Now, you know that you are in the best hands.

  • Not enough outlets: This is a common issue in commercial properties. You need to have enough outlets to support the size of your business. Avoid the complicated power boards and extension cords; we got you covered!

  • Old wiring: Older wiring has a higher risk of sustaining damage from overload circuits and electrical surges. We can update your wiring.

  • Faulty Installation: If you suspect that something has been improperly installed, it needs to be checked immediately, as it can cause fire hazards, short-circuiting, and worse. 

Hire Your Best Local Electricians

At Electrician Now we offer a range of outstanding electrical services. If you’re looking for a reliable, hard-working, quality electrician in Sydney, we’re your safest bet. We’re a phone call away!


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