Electrician working on a house electrical system

When Do I Need an Electrician in Sydney?

The electrical system of a house needs to be upgraded or repaired at least once a year. Unless your home was built relatively recently, chances are you might be needing electrical services. New electrical codes are making homes safer, and new technology makes our electrical system more efficient, so it’s important to keep up with the changes.

There are some things in our homes that we can repair and upgrade by ourselves, but electricity shouldn’t be one of these. The consequences of DIY work can be truly dangerous to both the property and lives. Whenever you notice an issue within your electrical system, don’t hesitate to call a professional electrician. Keep reading to know more.

Signs You Might Need an Electrician

The symptoms of your home needing electrical work are obvious but are often overlooked or ignored. Here are some things to look out for:

Flickering Lights

If the fridge or air conditioner comes on, the ceiling lights dim, or the hair dryer pauses your vanity lamp; you might need to hire electrical services. Some appliances within your home draw lots of currents and should be wired on dedicated circuits. 

Fuse Trips

If your fuse switch trips after you’ve been using many appliances in one room, you’ve likely overloaded the circuit or drawn more current than they can safely provide. This may also indicate a dangerous fault on a circuit.

Not Enough Outlets

If you have lots of wires running under your furniture, a dangerous condition exists, and you definitely need more outlets and to organize the wires. 

Electrical System Surfaces Warm To The Touch

If outlets, switches, or other surfaces are warm to the touch or give a mild shock, there is a problem. It could be just too much demand on the circuit or something way more complicated. 

Rust Taking Over

If you notice rust or moisture on or under your home’s main service panel, something’s going wrong. This damage threatens the primary wiring connections within and could indicate similar problems throughout the whole electrical system.

Keep Your Home Safe – Hire a Professional Electrician

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